Import Financial Data From Any Website
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Import Financial Data From Any Website

Geltbox's unique import process will make it possible for you to gain total control over your finances. The browsing steps you make every time you check your financial website can be recorded, so Geltbox will make automatic downloads for you on a regular basis.

Follow the steps below to import your data from a website:

Step 1 : Click "Import" in the top menu.

Menu of Geltbox

Step 2 : Click "Import Website...".

Step 3 : Enter your financial institution name or web address and click "Search".

Website Search in Geltbox

Step 4 : Go to the page you want to import (such as current account, saving account, investment, credit cards etc…). Make sure you can see the transactions or the single value you want to import (e.g. your current account financial transactions or your mortgage balance) then click "Find Data".

Find Data in Geltbox

Step 5 : If you want to import a whole table click the "Import Table" green button that is shown on the table.

Import a Table in Geltbox
If you need only a value (e.g. balance of investment) click "press here to choose a value".

Import a Value in Geltbox

Step 6 : In case of a table import map between the columns of your table and Geltbox's fields. Click "?" to learn more about each field.

Import Settings in Geltbox

In case of a value import select the desirable value from the menu.

Import Value Settings in Geltbox

Please note that if you have more than one table you need to repeat steps 5 and 6 for each table you want to import. To continue importing other pages of the website click "Done with this page".

Step 7 : After you’ve finished importing all your accounts click "I'm done importing". A pop up will appear, select from the drop menu the frequency you wish Geltbox to auto-download your data. If you don't want Geltbox to remember your download steps click "No".

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