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What is Geltbox Money?

Geltbox Money is a personal financial software. With Geltbox Money you can simply add all your financial data so you can see the whole picture, including a clear overview of your expenses, investments, loans and assets. You can also easily get the bottom line each week or month and check your short and long term financial progress . You can set budgets for all or specific categories. Geltbox Money lets you understand your money easily.

What’s special about Geltbox Money?

Geltbox Money is a very flexible and privacy minded financial software. It works in any country and in any currency. It lets you automatically import transactions from almost any financial website (even from small or regional banks) directly to your device. You can also import a wide range of file formats or easily type in your data. Enjoy a uniform overview and reports of all your accounts, spending and budget in your preferred currency.

Do you have a version of Geltbox for Mac, Android or iPhone?

We are working on it, leave us your mail and we will update you. Geltbox currently works with Windows 7, 8, 10.

How does my financial data enter into my Geltbox?

You can import data directly from all your websites such as banks and credit cards or import files such as Excel, csv, qif, ofx and more. You can also add transactions manually.

Will my bank data be automatically downloaded?

Yes. Geltbox includes a web browser, where you can choose to save the browsing and import steps. In this case, an automatic download will be initiated once a day or upon your request. The automatic download feature is in beta but already works for many banks around the world.

I have only one bank account, so why do I need Geltbox?

There are many added benefits. You can better analyse your wealth, savings and spending. You may also wish to track real estate, other assets, external investments or even cash money, which might not be possible to track in your bank. With Geltbox you can also keep track of transactions and investments history without limits while in many banks and credit cards the history is time limited. Even if you change bank or credit card you will still have your old account data to search and analyse as it stays with you. You can add comments and categorize your transactions the way you like, making past transactions easier to find. You can also flag dubious transactions to remind you to take the necessary actions.


Where is my financial data saved?

Your financial data is securely stored and encrypted only in your personal computer.

Does Geltbox need my bank login information?

Not necessarily. If you want to take advantage of automatic financial downloads, your login information is needed. Geltbox Money uses this information to establish a secure connection between your personal computer and your financial website. In any case, if you choose not to save your login info within Geltbox, you can still manually download your financial data.

If I choose so, where are the passwords of my financial websites saved?

After each import, Geltbox will ask you whether to save the login information and browsing steps in order to enable an automatic download every day, and ultimately to save time. If you agree, your passwords will be securely stored and encrypted only in your personal computer.

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