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About Geltbox

The idea of Geltbox was born when my wife, a computer engineer working at that time at Intel, had a great plan to save money for an apartment. It sounded like a very simple plan, “we should spend less than our income” she said. To do so we used to sit long hours every month updating our financial spreadsheet to make sure we were on the right track. So I asked myself - can’t this be automated in order to get just the bottom line?

The personal financial apps that were available back then couldn't automatically aggregate all our financial data originating from different websites in different countries. So, just after finishing my master's thesis in complex 3D data matching algorithms, I started investigating automated financial data recognition and gathering. This became the base technology that, with the help of my wife and her brother, led to the development of Geltbox, the first private and personal financial aggregator app that lets you aggregate data from almost any financial website in the world into your own device.

The enthusiasm of our family, friends and early users led us to realize that Geltbox can help everyone to save and better control our money. Geltbox is a very flexible software which is constantly evolving with new and useful features.