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Do You Have Enough Gelt?
Budget Software and Financial Aggregator
Organize ALL your accounts
Spot and cut overspending
Connect to any bank, credit card or broker
Keep your data private and encrypted
Geltbox will help you manage your money easily with automatic or manual download from any financial website, file import and simple transaction entry. You will always have all your numbers updated securely in your computer. Colorful trend graphs and labels will assure overspending identification. And this is only the beginning...
A full and clear picture of your accounts and cash flow in one screen.
Geltbox overview shows you exactly how much money you have. At a glance, you can make sure that your income covers your expenses and understand how much you are saving to achieve your goals.
Overview of Geltbox
Import easily all your financial data directly from any website or file.
Import all your financial data directly from any website with a friendly wizard and create financial downloaders for your sites in order to automate data imports. You can also import files downloaded from your bank, credit card or other financial software, and of course, you may also enter transactions manually. Frequent import of financial data will allow you to plan and control your budget effectively.
Automatic Data Update of Geltbox
Colorful labeling for your transactions.
Geltbox has personal and business default labels. You can add your own labels and sub labels in any language without limits. Geltbox automatically labels new transactions.
Colorful Labeling in Geltbox
Spendings & Budget
Setting a budget will allow you to limit your expenses.
You can learn about your spending habits and easily set a budget for each category. You will get an alert if you have reached your limit.
Pie in Geltbox

Budget in Geltbox
Numerous editing options for your financial transactions.
Geltbox transactions are highly manageable! With Geltbox, you can split a transaction and label each sub-transaction separately. You need to find out something about a specific transaction? No problem! You can add a comment and set a reminder. You can add as many accounts and transactions as you want.
Split Option in Geltbox

Editing Options in Geltbox
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