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How will Geltbox help me manage my personal and business finances? Geltbox will help you organize your finances. It also will show you an analysis of all expenses, income, loans, investments, and assets. That way you'll know where you or your business stand financially at any time. After adding all the financial information, the software will allow you to make decisions based on consolidated and categorized data. If you are already used to managing accounts in spreadsheets like Excel, Geltbox will save you the time spent on importing and editing the data, so you can focus on analyzing the results. What's special about Geltbox Money? Geltbox Money is a very flexible international financial software, which takes care of the privacy of your information. It operates in every country and every currency. It allows you to import transactions from almost any financial site (in your country and abroad) directly to your computer. Also, it is possible to import a wide range of file types and to easily add transactions by typing manually. You can enjoy a uniform overview and reports of all your accounts, expenses, and budget in your preferred currency. Can you add a feature that I think is missing? You are invited to write to us your feature proposal or software improvement. I have only one bank account. Why do I need Geltbox? To analyze your money more effectively. You may also want to keep track of funds that are not managed in a bank, such as non-bank credit cards, real estate, investments and external loans or even cash. Unlike most banks, it is possible to save historical data without limitation. You can also enrich your transactions by adding categories for cost analysis, attaching invoices, writing notes, and setting reminders. For which platforms Gletbox is available? * Windows 7,8,10 - full version. Download
* Android - with manual data entry and sync with all your devices. Download from Google Play
* Mac and iPhone - We're working on it. Leave us your email at the waiting list and we'll update you before launching.
What does the word gelt mean? Gelt means money.


Does the software support different currencies? Yes, you can combine different currencies and get an overview and reports in a single currency. Can I sync or backup data in a cloud? Yes, in the current version you can use Google Drive or Google Cloud. You can also back up the information to a file. What reports can I generate with Geltbox? You can generate account balances reports, cash flow reports, expense and budget reports, expense reports that includes attached invoices, travel expense reports, and a variety of customized reports. Can I attach invoices and documents? Yes, you can attach multiple files to any transaction in the software. This allows you to keep important information over the years such as warranty certificates, product invoices or expense invoices for tax purposes. Can I forward emails with invoices directly to the software? Yes, you can forward emails directly to your Geltbox software.

Data import

How does my financial data enter into my Geltbox Money? You can add financial transactions by direct import from all your financial sites, such as banks and credit cards or by importing files such as qif, ofx, csv, Excel, and more. You can also add transactions manually. Will my bank data be automatically downloaded? Geltbox Money software includes a web browser, where you can choose to save the browsing and import steps. In this case, the automatic download will try to fetch and import new transactions from your financials, once a day or upon your request. The automatic download feature is in beta but already works for many financial sites around the world.

Security and Privacy

Where is my financial data saved? By default, your financial data is securely stored and encrypted only on your personal computer and is not transferred to anyone, not even to us. You have the possibility to synchronize encrypted data between your devices via your Google Drive or Google Cloud. Do I need to transfer to you the login information of my bank? No. If you set up auto-download, data is downloaded by your computer directly from the website of your bank. Therefore, there is no need to transfer to us or to any third party your bank login information. If you do not want to save your login information at all, even not in your personal computer, you can import data from a variety of files.

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