5 Simple Steps To Grow Financially
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5 Simple Steps To Grow Financially

Most of us feel that wealth is not the most important thing in life. Nevertheless money is essential to buy food, to have a roof and to pay for healthcare. We might consider money as a means to reach our dreams or to have financial security. For these goals  we not only need a strong will but also money. It is a good idea to have an incoming money stream higher than your spending to help you grow financially. Geltbox Method will help you protect and grow your wealth by following simple steps:
Step 1: Know your net worth. Do you really know how much money you have? Most of us remember the main cash accounts and credit cards, but what about that investment we purchased last year? And that tiny loan we took for our trip abroad. Well, this is the first thing: make a list of all your possessions and liabilities. Regularly make the simple calculation of assets minus debts and verify that the difference is increasing over time. Step 2: Cut spending. Make sure you know where you spend your money. In our modern and intense life, the diversity of spending is very wide and we don’t always have control over it. Distribute your spending to different categories and apply a monthly budget to each category. Setting a limit to your total monthly spending is also a possibility. Remember, the more you reduce spending the more your net worth will grow over time. Step 3: Maximize income.
This is the difficult step! Even though for some of us it may sound impossible to earn more money don’t ever give up. Be creative, make your research and always consider a good advice in order to find ways to increase your income. Even if you are fine with your current job, business or investment portfolio it is always good to check new opportunities.
Step 4: Save and invest. This is the nice step! Having a positive net income is great because you can boost it and create for yourself a passive growing income. Always strive to reinvest part of your gains.
Step 5: Repeat. Be consistent. This is the most important thing. Check your financial state at least once a month and take corrective actions accordingly. If you wish, you can apply this steps with the help of our software Geltbox Money.
Good luck!

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