Adding Data Manually
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Adding Data Manually

Geltbox enables you to add or remove accounts and transactions manually. You can even add or remove transactions from an account previously imported from a website or a file.

Follow the steps below to add your data manually:

Step 1 : Click "Transactions" in the top menu.

The Menu of Geltbox Transactions

Adding a New Account

Step 2 : Any transaction must belong to an account. To create an account click "+", a dialog will be opened. Click "Manual account" and then choose the type of account you wish to add.

Add A New Account
Select Account Type

Adding a Transaction

Step 3 : Choose from the left menu the account in which you want to add a new transaction, then click "+". Fill the dialog that appears with the relevant transaction details.

Add A New Transaction

Editing or Deleting a Transaction

Step 4 : To edit or delete a transaction simply enable the checkbox at the left side of the transaction, then click "Edit". In the dialog that appears edit the fields and press "Done". To delete the transaction click the trash icon.

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