Create Labels and Sub Labels
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Create Labels and Sub Labels

To get full control over your expenses it is advisable to label your transactions. You will be able to track a specific expense over time and to set a budget if needed. Geltbox has the option to create sub labels, so on one hand the overview is not overloaded, but on the other hand the expenses analysis is more accurate.

Create a Label

Step 1 : Click "Add+" button next to "Labels" in the left. The label details dialog will be opened.

Open Label Dialog Details Geltbox

Step 2 : Type the label's name (e.g Education) and optionally type a monthly budget. Finally choose the color that suits best the label.

Creating a Label in Geltbox

Create a Sub Label

The only difference between creating a label and a sub label is that in the label details dialog you have to choose the Parent label from the drop down list.

Creating a Sub Label in Geltbox

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