Geltbox Money Basics
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Geltbox Money Basics

Geltbox Money lets you see your financial progress over time and allows you to focus on the bottom line. The detailed overview enables you to see where you can cut spending and make investment improvements in order to ensure the right financial track.

To have a complete picture of your money just add to your Geltbox all your accounts by importing data directly from a financial websites, from files or by typing transactions manually. You can schedule an automatic website data download to run every day from your device. Thus your money overview will be always up-to-date.

Geltbox arranges all your financial data in accounts of different types such as cash accounts, credit cards, investments, loans and property. Each account has an updated balance. Your actual financial net worth is in fact the sum of all account’s balances.

Geltbox makes cash flow calculations by looking at the category or label of each transaction. By default Geltbox Money categorizes all transactions as spending or income. Hence, the first step you have do to ensure a correct cash flow calculation is to categorize transactions that are not actually spending or income, such as investments, loans, credit card bills, or self transfers between your accounts.

Next, to understand better your spending habits and discover irregularities you can assign a default or self made label to each of the spending and income transactions. This will allow you to see a spending graph for each label over time, and to compare between labels via a colourful chart.

Once transactions are labeled you may want to set a budget to some or to all labels in order to get alerts when approaching the limit.

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