Import Financial Data From A File
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Import Financial Data From A File

Geltbox's import file feature enables you to import a variety of files: Excel, CSV, QIF, OFX, QFX and HTML. We are constantly adding new formats.

Follow the steps below to import your data from a file:

Step 1 : Click "Import" in the top menu.

The Menu of Geltbox

Step 2 : Click "Choose File...".

Import QIF and OFX/QFX Files

Step 3 : If your file is QIF or OFX/QFX the financial accounts will automatically be identified. Choose by checking the accounts you wish to import (in case of multiple accounts). To proceed click "Import".
When importing QIF files containing categories you will be given the option to import them as well
For advanced import options click "Custom import wizard...".

File Import in Geltbox
Import Excel, CSV and HTML Files

Step 4 : If your file is Excel, CSV or HTML choose from the list the account type.

Choose an account in Geltbox
Step 5 : Click "Find Data".

Step 6 : Click the "Import Table" green button that is shown on the table.

Import a Table in Geltbox

Step 7 : Map between the columns of your table and Geltbox's fields. Click "?" to learn more about each field.

Import Settings in Geltbox

Please note that if you have more than one table you need to repeat steps 6 and 7 for each table you want to import.

Step 8 : After you’ve finished importing click "Done with this page".

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