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Website Auto-Download

Geltbox's auto-download feature (Beta) saves you the time usually spent in navigating to all your financial websites. After the first manual download Geltbox will make automatic downloads of your data on a regular basis.

The auto-download algorithms are totally generic and are being improved all the time to be able to support any financial website worldwide. Nevertheless, financial institutions tend to change their website from time to time, in this case you may need to record again the navigation sequence in order for it to work correctly.

To check the status of your auto-download click "Import" in the top menu.

The Menu of Geltbox Transactions

The import page contains a list of all your recorded sequences and their status after the last auto-download. For details about a specific sequence click the website's line.

Auto Download Success Statuses

Auto Download Success Statuses

The sequence you record is divided into two parts: the first part is the login phase and the second part is the actual navigation and import of financial data. Both parts are independent and can be updated separately.

A login problem may occur if you have changed your password or if the site's login page has changed.

Auto Download Login Problem

To fix this issue click on the website's line. If changed your password update your password in the form and click "Save".

Auto Download Update Credentials

If the site's login page has changed, click "Go", in the window that opens click "Create a downloader" and login again to your financial website. After login click "Save and Finish".

Auto Download New Login Sequence

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